Weekly Calendar 2021 Template In PDF, Excel

A printable Weekly calendar template differs from the physical calendar in the sense that the physical calendar has to be designed in the physical format on our own. On the other hand, the printable calendar is what can be printed easily from the internet in the digital and in the physical forms as well.

We have been using calendars as our first choice for the purpose of time management. In the present scenario as well nothing much has changed, we are still using the calendars just in a different form. The present scenario is the time of the internet, and thus here the printable calendar is in much use in the comparison of the physical calendars.

Free Printable Weekly Calendar Template 2021

There is the majority of the professional and household people who tend to manage their schedule on a weekly basis, and thus they need a similar kind of calendar which can fulfill their such criteria. Keeping it in our consideration we have attached this free printable calendar here. Free Printable Weekly Calendar 2019

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It has been designed to prepare the weekly schedule by the users as per their requirements. You can add your household grocery schedule or the professional working schedule and then it will work for you as an easy reminder.

1. Weekly Calendar with Hours

A word or the Excel are the two alternatives of each other and both of this software are used in the creation of the formal documents. MS Excel is the other sophisticated format of the calendar, which is used by the majority of the working class people who spend their time with their work sitting before the computer systems. Weekly Calendar Template Excel


This is why we suggest those working-class people use the printable template of this calendar in the same Excel format. Once you have your calendar in the excel format, then it would be easier for you to follow the whole schedule from the Excel software in itself.

Weekly Calendar with Hours


PDF stands for the portable documented file which is the oldest format of the digitally printable calendars. The best part of this format is that you can easily access it using any kind of the digital device, be it your computer system or any other such device.

2. 2020 Weekly Calendar Template with Meal Planning

So, if you are looking forward to having the decent weekly printable calendar’s template then you are at the correct article. Here in this article, we are going to provide you with those weekly templates, which will let you manage your whole schedule of the week in an easy manner. 2019 Weekly Calendar Printable


We have designed this printable template in the professional manner which is ideal both for the professional and the personal usage.

Well, there are the people who have the super busy schedule and thus it is a tough job to them to prepare a schedule for the food on a daily basis since it consumes a lot of time. The simple solution to those people is to go with the weekly meal calendar, as it will let them plan their meal schedule for the whole week in advance. You can get it from here to have the advanced food preparation schedule of yours for tomorrow.

3. Blank Weekly Calendar Template

A blank calendar is a decent option for those who are seeking the customization aspect in their calendars. You can customize this calendar with the important events or holidays which are of use for you and can ignore the others. Blank Weekly Calendar Template

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For example, if there are coming 3 holidays or events in a week for you, and out of which only 1 is relevant for you then you can simply avoid the 2 others by making the similar customized schedule of yours in this blank calendar.

4. Weekly Calendar with Time

Generally, the calendar conveys us about the schedule in the form of days and dates etc but it doesn’t include the time slots which may be the requirements for many users. There are people who want to make their weekly schedule along with the particular time as well in it, and for those users specifically, we are attaching the printable calendar template with the time slots. Weekly Calendar with Time

PDF | Excel

Using it you can prepare and follow your working schedule along with the respective time so that you don’t miss on the punctuality aspect.

5. 2019 Calendar with Week Numbers

Calendar generally includes the name of months, dates and days, etc but sometimes the users might need more than this limited information. There are users who need the number of weeks as their work is based on the number of any week.

Keeping this in our consideration here we are attaching the 2019 year calendar which not only covers the typical information of the calendar but in addition to that also conveys the numbers of the weeks so that the users can easily mark the number of the week as per their requirements.

6. Editable Weekly Calendar

A calendar is often subject to be making the various kinds of the changes into it as per the requirements of the users and thus we all seek one such calendar’s template, which can provide us with the scope of making changes into it. Editable Weekly Calendar

PDF | Excel

We note this aspect of our users and thus we are offering you one such weekly printable calendar’s template which has been designed with the editable features. It will make easy for you to follow your weekly schedule with the kind of changes that you might consider making into it from time to time.

7. Bi-Weekly Pay Calendar Template

Well, bi-weekly is an event which may take place twice a week or one time in the span of two weeks. These events are often concerned with the payment of bills such as the milk bill, water bill etc and we often need the reminder, which can not only remind us about the occurrence of those events but can also provide us the full fledge schedule. Bi-Weekly Pay Calendar

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We have attached the bi-weekly pay calendar here for that purpose of yours which can be used to cover any bi-weekly event.

Free Weekly Calendar Template in PDF, Word & Excel Format

Gone are the days when you used to have to work hard in designing the template of any calendar for your weekly use. Now we are living in the world of the internet where things are quite easy especially the template of the calendar. Weekly Calendar Template

You can easily get the template of this calendar from here and they use it as your calendar. It can be used both in your professional or the personal domain.

As we have already mentioned that it has been quite an easy task to get or design the printable calendar’s template. If you are someone who uses the MS Word more often in the personal or the professional life, then it would be a better idea if you have your calendar in the same format. Weekly Calendar Template Word Doc

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It will provide you with easy access as you can just access it right from the Word software in your computer system or the smartphone device. It will further be easy for you to make any required changes in this template if you get it in the Word format.

Weekly Calendar PDF

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So, if you want the ultimate portability in your calendar then our suggestion for you would be to go with the PDF weekly printable calendar’s as it does the best job in that regard.

Few More Weekly Calendars Template

The calendar is the decent companion for the people who want to evaluate their performance on the basis of the weeks so that they can quickly make the changes in their routine as per the requirements.


This calendar is also used to cover up the information about the event which occurs weekly and this is why we need this calendar so that we can easily make our schedule on a weekly basis.

We have attached the several kinds of the templates here in this article for you so that you don’t have to waste your time in designing them on your own. The templates are having a decent and fully professional outlook, which is capable of serving all kinds of tasks.

weekly appointment calendar

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Now further there are some other calendar templates, which you can consider getting from here. Below we are listing them for your concern and you are advised to have a look over them. The weekly appointment calendar is that calendar which is used by the users when they have the weekly recurring nature of appointment with any person. It may be the doctor or the financial consultant etc and having this calendar’s template will make sure that you don’t miss out on your appointment. weekly appointment calendar


The weekly desk calendar is the other calendar’s template which we are offering here in this article. It is suitable for the office people who need the weekly schedule of them right at their desk so that they don’t have to make extra efforts in order to get it. It will help those users to mark up any weekly event in this desk calendar so that they always become ahead with their timing.

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